Glassinox Architecture Glass & Metal Systems


Glassinox Glass and Metal Systems started the production of stainless steel metal products in 2005 in a 120 m2 workshop with Glassinox brand. Today 4000 m2 area in a modern and doors glass facilities equipped with the latest technology, sliding sliding doors, glass break divider panels and glass bathroom of the cabin, outdoor folding glass door systems, glass canopy systems transparent glass facade systems, to the stainless steel accessory railing systems the demands of its customers with very diverse product range has applications in manufacturing and infrastructure to serve in the best way.

Glassinox of success within the country has moved abroad. Now the majority of exports to more than 22 countries Although European countries.

Since its inception, design innovations in the world, with the world simultaneously, our company brings to Turkey, infrastructure work continues in this direction. Users, make life easier, time-saving is the first objective is to offer products that provide easy access to information.

Strategy; Turkey is leading to the first name that comes to mind in stainless steel and glass design projects. To provide superior customer service among the objectives of Glassinox is primarily to provide innovative services to benefit from the practitioners.

Glassinox of the target; maintain a strong brand position, to increase the diversity of products and services to promote, provide the best service project, Turkey has a leading position as a brand to upgrade and maintain.
Appropriate solutions to their needs for customers is that it can produce with partners to facilitate application.

Knowledge, skills and abilities by offering consulting services, solution development and directing work to create opportunities for presenting, researching potential future developments, which is a principle that applies the necessary changes rapidly by determining in advance.

Direct communication open, believing in the importance of empowerment and creates a work environment accordingly, in line with our core values of business ethics, honesty and without compromising quality, is to be the preferred partner in the market as a company.



Residential and Commercial Areas

Shopping Mall, Residential and Commercial Architectural Drawing and Design of your enterprise.


Public and Social Life

Solution for Public and Social Habitats Oriented Design.


Education, Health, Hospitality, Transportation

Education, Health, Hospitality and Related reached with any architectural work.